March 11, 2019

The best vehicles and aircraft in Battlefield 2

There are many land and air vehicles on Battlefield 2 for a variety of strategic options. You have enough vehicles to choose form to protect your territory and advance on enemy ground to score as many points as possible and win the game. These are the best choices available for you.

The main battle tank

You will choose between the M1A2, T-90 and Type 98 battle tanks. These aggressive vehicles can take down any other land vehicle and will win over infantry in open ground every time. They will cause massive damage on impact and can take down APCs with a few shots, with smaller vehicles such as FAAVs and HMMWVs needing only a single hit.

It requires a longer reload time which will affect its effectiveness in quick battlefields. The main battle tank makes up for this shortfall in efficiency byfeaturing an increased scope of reach which means that you will be able to reach units that are further off. If you are good with the tank, you could even use it for close range anti air activity to provide additional cover to any ground you have control over. If you master the arc of your shells they could be used against helicopters very efficiently.

Anti-aircraft vehicles

The M6 Bradley Linebacker, Tunguska M1 and Type 95 anti-aircraft vehicle come in handy in a lot of maps due to their double threat. They can spit out SAM missiles which are tailored for aerial threats. They can also engage in rapid fire which may be suitable for unorthodox terrains without needing to be parked on an incline.

Fast attack vehicles

The FAV and FAAV buggies offer pure speed with minimal protection in terms of cover. The vehicles feature additional slots for passengers who will increase the rate of fire for the vehicles. It is not recommended to bring these vehicles into an active point unless they are being used as distractions. They could help you attain victory on a front by soaking in some enemy fire and allowing your charges to take advantage of the health boost for the win.

Attack helicopters

The Mi-28 Havok, Zhisheng -10 and AH-1Z Super Cobra are potent air forces that are suitable for any front. They can be very effective if they feature a support gunner and could wipe out any infantry and vehicle units they face. The second gunner mounts the rotating turrets on the vehicles which only takes one shot to destroy entire infantries. They may be prone to anti-air attacks which may be deflected with chaff.

Transport choppers

The Mi-17 Hip and Zhisheng-8 ferry assets around your battlefield to help you gain numerical advantage and provide support where necessary. While it offers little in terms of attack, this can be crucial to increasing the efficiency of handling an enemy attack on any point in the map. You can increase the potency of these vehicles by carrying soldiers who will man the on board weapons.  It can also be repaired mid-flight.

March 11, 2019

The best strategies to use in different maps

You will have a selection of maps available in Battlefield 2 for a wholesome gaming experience. Here are a few pointers to help you develop the best strategy for each map for a great performance when playing.

Dalian Nuclear Plant

The map features a pretty compressed field for both 16 and 32 player maps which promises intensive action in a small number of fronts. These maps feature as low as 4 flags while the 64 player map only features 6 flags. It can be pretty competitive and will require intensive ground combat. It is a great map for vehicle action that features armored tanks and anti-aircraft weapons. If you decide to use infantry in this map you should watch out for sniper units who may be located in hidden points within the map. If you can stay alive in the tight map, the easterly reactor flag could be a strategic capture for your team.

Daqing Oilfields

Another confined map which is better suited for infantry combat. You will only be able to capture the central flag by infantry, but you should be careful of any anti-tank soldiers.  It is very fast paced on both small and large versions of the map. The flags are separated by barriers such as hills and buildings which makes them rather difficult to access. You will find yourself engaging in smaller skirmishes and could utilize a point defense strategy to maintain points under your control.

Dragon Valley

It is a one of the larger maps in the game with 11 flags in the 64 player mode of the game. Players with better air support will be more likely to win on this map since there is a lot more ground to cover. Your mobility will be limit your mobility and you could be forced to use anti-aircraft vehicles to protect any bases you capture.  If you can capture the Chinese base you will be able to limit the enemy’s effectiveness by reducing their air support. The base is located on the map’s periphery and will be difficult to access. You can take advantage of your air troopers to ferryunits to this point to gain an advantage.

FuShe Pass

Like Dragon Valley, FuShe combines different elements. The smaller map will have 3 flags and will be very tight. There are destructible bridges built over the water for strategic point control. You can destroy bridges to limit your opponent’s access for a more effective attack. On the larger map many flags will be paired off. You can take advantage of this to gain territory. By taking control of as many pairs as possible, you will be better able to defend your territory and win the game.

Final word

There are many different maps to increase the options available to you on Battlefield 2. The diverse options require unique strategies developed to address their unique features and claim victory over your opponents.  If you keep this guide in mind, you will be able to develop comprehensive and efficient tactics for every map and score even more points.

March 11, 2019

The best maps on Battlefield 2

Every map needs a unique strategy tailored to meet its demands. You will need to tweak your gameplay to match the evolving needs of each map. You can start by figuring out every feature of your maps but this could take a lot of time. These are a few strategies to help you get started in the unique locations on offer in Battlefield 2.

Dragon Valley

The large map offers an expansive field featuring 4 flags for the 16 player map which rises to 11 flags for the 64 player map. It is usually decided by air power due to the expansiveness of the play area. You may be restricted by water in the 16 player map but can move about fairly easily. In the 32 and 64 player maps you will need to take up strategies for a pretty expansive battlefield.

The best strategy on this map is to capture the Chinese base and reduce their air support. Since it is located in a far end of the map, you will need to explore the sides of the map which can be used by your transport choppers. You may need to stick close to the red zone to avoid the river. It can be risky since some anti-aircraft weapons might be deployed. You could consider using infantry but must be wary of snipers by moving quickly.

Dalian Nuclear Plant

The four contestable positions in the 16 and 32 player maps make it very tight and engaging. Even the 64 player map has only 6 contestable positions which is among the least available for a large map. This map demands intense ground combat, requiring aggressive strategies to successfully protect or capture bases. You can include air assets in the 64 player map but this may be ineffective in smaller maps.

In most of the matchups, this map pits armory vehicles against anti-armor infantry units.The flags on this map are placed in a relatively flat surface making them easy to reach by vehicle. This is only true for most flags, with some such as the Southern Support Building Flag being ideally shaped for a defensive explosive arrangement due to the narrow width. You should keep an eye out for snipers and avoid a few popular spots such as the eastern beach and near the power plant. It is recommended that you avoid moving in straight lines.

Gulf of Oman

You may have already got a taste of this level in the demo. It takes place on a beach in all three player versions and is pretty straightforward. You will have at least three vehicles with at least one tank, so it is recommended to engage in anti-tanking. Since the map slopes downwards, teams based on the MEC will have an advantage over those based on the USMC.

Things can be pretty tight on the two smaller versions of this map with action concentrated around the beach edge. You can limit tank access for maximum efficiency by placing small ramps in your captured areas.

March 11, 2019

Significant changes made in Battlefield 2 from Battlefield 1942

The 2006 classic Battlefield 2 was released 3 years after its predecessor, Battlefield 1942. The original simulation game was very popular with players. It pitted players in teams against each other for the control of flags. It featured a variety of vehicles and airplanes, including aircraft carriers jeeps, destroyers and five rounds of infantry, among others, for a full battlefront experience. The great gameplay contributed to its warm reception from gamers.

Vietnam was released a year later but it didn’t offer any significant changes to the core gameplay. The only major addition to the game was new weapons and some settings. Battlefield 2 promised and delivered a whole new experience.

The biggest change between the two games is the quality of graphics. While it is limited compared to games that are available on the market today, Battlefield 2 was proprietary at the time of its release. The step up in graphic level between the two games includes the adaptation of rag doll physics and the addition of gee-whizz graphics.  Alongside the graphics quality level, the accompanying voice communication was improved to keep chats between squad members smooth and efficient. The game has also seen an emphasis on squad gameplay with major changes in the settings.

If you are familiar with Battlefield 1942 and Vietnam, the major changes will be easy to adapt to. You may even have a better experience on the sequel, which offers improvement beyond the better graphics. The elimination of spawn waves which made flag capturing in these games is a thing of the past in Battlefield2. The spawn wave caused by difference in server waiting times made dead players appear instantly after your re-spawn. As a result, flag captures were unpredictable and could be inconsistent. In Battlefield 2, players re-spawn 15 seconds after their death every time.

Health and ammo boxes offered strategic support to players in the earlier games. You could heal depleted health and recover ammo by collecting boxes. Some players developed unsportsmanlike tactics, such as lying next to health and ammo boxes and gaining an unfair advantage. The only boxes in Battlefield 2 are the Commander’s supply drop. You can use medic characters to regenerate your health levels. They are marked with a special icon. You may need to save ammo by only reloading when the clip is empty.

There are new improvements to squad based gameplay. Commander mode is a new addition that allows you to choose a single commander to lead the team’s charge. A commander will be able to call artillery drops, tip squad members on location of enemies and help out teammates in need. The commander can act as a spawn location for any squad members who are killed during the game.Even if all other five team members are killed, they can still res-pawn safely if the team leader finds a safe spot to hide. The ability to make strategic decision could help organize the squad’s movement for victory.

March 11, 2019

Everything you need to know about the Battlefield 2 point scoring system

Battlefield 2 is an online war game that was simply ahead of its time at its release in 2006.It has developed a loyal following because of its great graphics and competitive experience.  It offers one of the best multiplayer experiences for a PC game. Battlefield 2 is a sequel to Battlefield 1942 and Vietnam. It offers an exciting gaming environment, with improved graphics and revised settings as compared to its predecessors.

The graphics upgrade are just part of the improved Battlefield experience. In Battlefield 2, wacky tactics such as sitting over a health pack and firing infinite ammo on opponents have been eliminated. It makes for a better gaming experience, alongside features such as standard re-spawn times across all servers. What do you need to know about the new points scoring system?

Battlefield 2 Point scoring system

In Battlefield 2, players scored points and ranked in their servers according to each action they took within the game. In the game, you would score points by killing players and converting or capturing flags, which enters you into a global rank with other Battlefield players. Battlefield 2 features an enhanced scoring system which stays true to the basics of the earlier version. In order to score more points, you should still look to convert the most number of flags over the longest amount of time during your game.  You can earn a higher ranking in the game by fighting with maximum efficiency and increasing both your damage and impact in capturing flags.

There are a few changes to Battlefield 2 point scoring that have been made to suit the point scoring system. Killing an enemy, reviving a player, changing their flag to neutral and converting a neutral flag to your team’s colors will all earn you 2 points.

You will score a point through a flag assist, kill assist, driver assist and a successful flag defense. Healing 100 points worth of damage and giving ammunition to your squad mates will also score you a single point. You will lose 2 points for taking 50% damage to your vehicle, or 4 points for taking a team kill.

Assisting and capturing flags could be crucial for rewards, with players who take larger risks likely to receive more rewards even if they do not capture the flag themselves. Players who deal a large amount of damage are also likely to score points without making the final blow. This makes it easier to be rewarded for effort.

You can earn driver assist points for every kill made by your passenger. This makes it a great strategy to use mounted vehicles. You will g penalized for targeting your teammate and may face a 2 point penalty for dealing up to 50% damage through friendly fire. You could also face a 4 point penalty for killing a teammate instantly. The points scoring system should help you develop a suitable strategy to score as many points as possible for better ranking.