The team of Battlefield 2 is completely aware about the increasing craze of battlefield games in today’s gamers. Thus, we created the best online battlefield game which you can play on your browsers. It is fully packed with all the specifications that you will want in any battlefield game with few more additional amazing features.

In our game, you will get many maps from which you can choose your favorite one and enjoy different amazing worlds. Our graphics will blow your mind and we have designed our guns and cars with 3D effects. Unlike many other battlefield games, we didn’t just stop at guns and cars but we have also added few more things like tanks, helicopters, protected territory, enemy warning on the map, etc. These features will enhance your gaming experience and you might have to control your addiction.

Why choose us?

This super addictive and amazing game is more about marvelous tanks which you can choose from 98 types. These tanks will not only protect you from enemies but you can also kill them in one go and also it can cause great damage to the vehicles and accessories of your enemies. Once you will set your hands with the tanks then you can also reach and kill long distant enemies as well as scope at mid air helicopters.

Not just the land but you can also rule the skies of the Battlefield 2 with the helicopter and transport choppers. The aircrafts of this game are specially designed to cause great damage but it needs greater skills with the key. So, once you are good with it then you make speedy attacks even with minimal cover zone. Since, it is hard for the players at ground to shoot the aircrafts thus you will hardly get any damage and assure your victory.