Battlefield 2 is an online war game that was simply ahead of its time at its release in 2006.It has developed a loyal following because of its great graphics and competitive experience.  It offers one of the best multiplayer experiences for a PC game. Battlefield 2 is a sequel to Battlefield 1942 and Vietnam. It offers an exciting gaming environment, with improved graphics and revised settings as compared to its predecessors.

The graphics upgrade are just part of the improved Battlefield experience. In Battlefield 2, wacky tactics such as sitting over a health pack and firing infinite ammo on opponents have been eliminated. It makes for a better gaming experience, alongside features such as standard re-spawn times across all servers. What do you need to know about the new points scoring system?

Battlefield 2 Point scoring system

In Battlefield 2, players scored points and ranked in their servers according to each action they took within the game. In the game, you would score points by killing players and converting or capturing flags, which enters you into a global rank with other Battlefield players. Battlefield 2 features an enhanced scoring system which stays true to the basics of the earlier version. In order to score more points, you should still look to convert the most number of flags over the longest amount of time during your game.  You can earn a higher ranking in the game by fighting with maximum efficiency and increasing both your damage and impact in capturing flags.

There are a few changes to Battlefield 2 point scoring that have been made to suit the point scoring system. Killing an enemy, reviving a player, changing their flag to neutral and converting a neutral flag to your team’s colors will all earn you 2 points.

You will score a point through a flag assist, kill assist, driver assist and a successful flag defense. Healing 100 points worth of damage and giving ammunition to your squad mates will also score you a single point. You will lose 2 points for taking 50% damage to your vehicle, or 4 points for taking a team kill.

Assisting and capturing flags could be crucial for rewards, with players who take larger risks likely to receive more rewards even if they do not capture the flag themselves. Players who deal a large amount of damage are also likely to score points without making the final blow. This makes it easier to be rewarded for effort.

You can earn driver assist points for every kill made by your passenger. This makes it a great strategy to use mounted vehicles. You will g penalized for targeting your teammate and may face a 2 point penalty for dealing up to 50% damage through friendly fire. You could also face a 4 point penalty for killing a teammate instantly. The points scoring system should help you develop a suitable strategy to score as many points as possible for better ranking.