The 2006 classic Battlefield 2 was released 3 years after its predecessor, Battlefield 1942. The original simulation game was very popular with players. It pitted players in teams against each other for the control of flags. It featured a variety of vehicles and airplanes, including aircraft carriers jeeps, destroyers and five rounds of infantry, among others, for a full battlefront experience. The great gameplay contributed to its warm reception from gamers.

Vietnam was released a year later but it didn’t offer any significant changes to the core gameplay. The only major addition to the game was new weapons and some settings. Battlefield 2 promised and delivered a whole new experience.

The biggest change between the two games is the quality of graphics. While it is limited compared to games that are available on the market today, Battlefield 2 was proprietary at the time of its release. The step up in graphic level between the two games includes the adaptation of rag doll physics and the addition of gee-whizz graphics.  Alongside the graphics quality level, the accompanying voice communication was improved to keep chats between squad members smooth and efficient. The game has also seen an emphasis on squad gameplay with major changes in the settings.

If you are familiar with Battlefield 1942 and Vietnam, the major changes will be easy to adapt to. You may even have a better experience on the sequel, which offers improvement beyond the better graphics. The elimination of spawn waves which made flag capturing in these games is a thing of the past in Battlefield2. The spawn wave caused by difference in server waiting times made dead players appear instantly after your re-spawn. As a result, flag captures were unpredictable and could be inconsistent. In Battlefield 2, players re-spawn 15 seconds after their death every time.

Health and ammo boxes offered strategic support to players in the earlier games. You could heal depleted health and recover ammo by collecting boxes. Some players developed unsportsmanlike tactics, such as lying next to health and ammo boxes and gaining an unfair advantage. The only boxes in Battlefield 2 are the Commander’s supply drop. You can use medic characters to regenerate your health levels. They are marked with a special icon. You may need to save ammo by only reloading when the clip is empty.

There are new improvements to squad based gameplay. Commander mode is a new addition that allows you to choose a single commander to lead the team’s charge. A commander will be able to call artillery drops, tip squad members on location of enemies and help out teammates in need. The commander can act as a spawn location for any squad members who are killed during the game.Even if all other five team members are killed, they can still res-pawn safely if the team leader finds a safe spot to hide. The ability to make strategic decision could help organize the squad’s movement for victory.