Every map needs a unique strategy tailored to meet its demands. You will need to tweak your gameplay to match the evolving needs of each map. You can start by figuring out every feature of your maps but this could take a lot of time. These are a few strategies to help you get started in the unique locations on offer in Battlefield 2.

Dragon Valley

The large map offers an expansive field featuring 4 flags for the 16 player map which rises to 11 flags for the 64 player map. It is usually decided by air power due to the expansiveness of the play area. You may be restricted by water in the 16 player map but can move about fairly easily. In the 32 and 64 player maps you will need to take up strategies for a pretty expansive battlefield.

The best strategy on this map is to capture the Chinese base and reduce their air support. Since it is located in a far end of the map, you will need to explore the sides of the map which can be used by your transport choppers. You may need to stick close to the red zone to avoid the river. It can be risky since some anti-aircraft weapons might be deployed. You could consider using infantry but must be wary of snipers by moving quickly.

Dalian Nuclear Plant

The four contestable positions in the 16 and 32 player maps make it very tight and engaging. Even the 64 player map has only 6 contestable positions which is among the least available for a large map. This map demands intense ground combat, requiring aggressive strategies to successfully protect or capture bases. You can include air assets in the 64 player map but this may be ineffective in smaller maps.

In most of the matchups, this map pits armory vehicles against anti-armor infantry units.The flags on this map are placed in a relatively flat surface making them easy to reach by vehicle. This is only true for most flags, with some such as the Southern Support Building Flag being ideally shaped for a defensive explosive arrangement due to the narrow width. You should keep an eye out for snipers and avoid a few popular spots such as the eastern beach and near the power plant. It is recommended that you avoid moving in straight lines.

Gulf of Oman

You may have already got a taste of this level in the demo. It takes place on a beach in all three player versions and is pretty straightforward. You will have at least three vehicles with at least one tank, so it is recommended to engage in anti-tanking. Since the map slopes downwards, teams based on the MEC will have an advantage over those based on the USMC.

Things can be pretty tight on the two smaller versions of this map with action concentrated around the beach edge. You can limit tank access for maximum efficiency by placing small ramps in your captured areas.