You will have a selection of maps available in Battlefield 2 for a wholesome gaming experience. Here are a few pointers to help you develop the best strategy for each map for a great performance when playing.

Dalian Nuclear Plant

The map features a pretty compressed field for both 16 and 32 player maps which promises intensive action in a small number of fronts. These maps feature as low as 4 flags while the 64 player map only features 6 flags. It can be pretty competitive and will require intensive ground combat. It is a great map for vehicle action that features armored tanks and anti-aircraft weapons. If you decide to use infantry in this map you should watch out for sniper units who may be located in hidden points within the map. If you can stay alive in the tight map, the easterly reactor flag could be a strategic capture for your team.

Daqing Oilfields

Another confined map which is better suited for infantry combat. You will only be able to capture the central flag by infantry, but you should be careful of any anti-tank soldiers.  It is very fast paced on both small and large versions of the map. The flags are separated by barriers such as hills and buildings which makes them rather difficult to access. You will find yourself engaging in smaller skirmishes and could utilize a point defense strategy to maintain points under your control.

Dragon Valley

It is a one of the larger maps in the game with 11 flags in the 64 player mode of the game. Players with better air support will be more likely to win on this map since there is a lot more ground to cover. Your mobility will be limit your mobility and you could be forced to use anti-aircraft vehicles to protect any bases you capture.  If you can capture the Chinese base you will be able to limit the enemy’s effectiveness by reducing their air support. The base is located on the map’s periphery and will be difficult to access. You can take advantage of your air troopers to ferryunits to this point to gain an advantage.

FuShe Pass

Like Dragon Valley, FuShe combines different elements. The smaller map will have 3 flags and will be very tight. There are destructible bridges built over the water for strategic point control. You can destroy bridges to limit your opponent’s access for a more effective attack. On the larger map many flags will be paired off. You can take advantage of this to gain territory. By taking control of as many pairs as possible, you will be better able to defend your territory and win the game.

Final word

There are many different maps to increase the options available to you on Battlefield 2. The diverse options require unique strategies developed to address their unique features and claim victory over your opponents.  If you keep this guide in mind, you will be able to develop comprehensive and efficient tactics for every map and score even more points.