There are many land and air vehicles on Battlefield 2 for a variety of strategic options. You have enough vehicles to choose form to protect your territory and advance on enemy ground to score as many points as possible and win the game. These are the best choices available for you.

The main battle tank

You will choose between the M1A2, T-90 and Type 98 battle tanks. These aggressive vehicles can take down any other land vehicle and will win over infantry in open ground every time. They will cause massive damage on impact and can take down APCs with a few shots, with smaller vehicles such as FAAVs and HMMWVs needing only a single hit.

It requires a longer reload time which will affect its effectiveness in quick battlefields. The main battle tank makes up for this shortfall in efficiency byfeaturing an increased scope of reach which means that you will be able to reach units that are further off. If you are good with the tank, you could even use it for close range anti air activity to provide additional cover to any ground you have control over. If you master the arc of your shells they could be used against helicopters very efficiently.

Anti-aircraft vehicles

The M6 Bradley Linebacker, Tunguska M1 and Type 95 anti-aircraft vehicle come in handy in a lot of maps due to their double threat. They can spit out SAM missiles which are tailored for aerial threats. They can also engage in rapid fire which may be suitable for unorthodox terrains without needing to be parked on an incline.

Fast attack vehicles

The FAV and FAAV buggies offer pure speed with minimal protection in terms of cover. The vehicles feature additional slots for passengers who will increase the rate of fire for the vehicles. It is not recommended to bring these vehicles into an active point unless they are being used as distractions. They could help you attain victory on a front by soaking in some enemy fire and allowing your charges to take advantage of the health boost for the win.

Attack helicopters

The Mi-28 Havok, Zhisheng -10 and AH-1Z Super Cobra are potent air forces that are suitable for any front. They can be very effective if they feature a support gunner and could wipe out any infantry and vehicle units they face. The second gunner mounts the rotating turrets on the vehicles which only takes one shot to destroy entire infantries. They may be prone to anti-air attacks which may be deflected with chaff.

Transport choppers

The Mi-17 Hip and Zhisheng-8 ferry assets around your battlefield to help you gain numerical advantage and provide support where necessary. While it offers little in terms of attack, this can be crucial to increasing the efficiency of handling an enemy attack on any point in the map. You can increase the potency of these vehicles by carrying soldiers who will man the on board weapons.  It can also be repaired mid-flight.